Welcome to the Natural Language Processing Group at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University!

Our group is composed of enthusiastic and diverse members including students, postdocs, and research assistants and supervised by Prof. LI, Wenjie Maggie. Together, we focus on developing algorithms that enable computers to process, generate, and comprehend human languages. Our research interests are wide-ranging and include topics such as Emotion-Driven Conversation, Goal-Driven Conversational Recommendation, Multi-Modal Conversational Question Answering, and Causality Mining and Reasoning in NLP, etc.

Latest News:

[May 16, 2024] We have 10 papers accepted into ACL2024. Congratulations to all students!

[October 7, 2023] Congratulations to Yongqi Li and Yi Cheng for their hard work and the papers accepted into AAAI2024.

[October 7, 2023] We have 4 papers accepted into EMNLP2023. Congratulations to Chak Tou Leong, Jian Wang, Wenjun Hou and Shichao Sun.

[September 22, 2023] Congratulations to our lovely girl, Jiashuo Wang. It is really good for her to have a paper, Aligning Language Models with Human Preferences via a Bayesian Approach, accepted into NeurIPS2023.

[May 2, 2023] Congratulations to all the students who contributed. 3 papers were accepted by ACL2023 main conference (Multiview Identifiers Enhanced Generative Retrieval, ORGAN: Observation-Guided Radiology Report Generation via Tree Reasoning, and Enhancing Event Causality Identification with Counterfactual Reasoning), and 3 papers were accepted by ACL Findings (Dialogue Planning via Brownian Bridge Stochastic Process for Goal-directed Dialogue Generation, Medical Dialogue Generation via Dual Flow Modeling, and Separating Context and Pattern: Learning Disentangled Sentence Representations for Low-Data Extractive Summarization). The acceptance rate is approaching to 100%.

[November 11, 2022] Congratulations to Dongding Lin, Jian Wang and Ruifeng Yuan. Their work on Improving Conversational Recommender Systems by Collaborative Augmentation and Preserve Context Information through Interpretability for Extract-Generate Long-Input Summarization Framework was accepted into AAAI2022.

[October 6, 2022] Yi Cheng, Ruifeng Yuan and Jiashuo Wang have their papers, Few-shot Query-Focused Summarization with Prefix-Merging, CARE: Causality Reasoning for Empathetic Responses by Conditional Graph Generation and Improving Multi-turn Emotional Support Dialogue Generation with Lookahead Strategy Planning, accepted into EMNLP2022. Congratulations!

[April 21, 2022] Congratulations to Feiteng Mu, Yi Cheng and Wenge Liu. Their work on causality reasoning enhanced text generation and interpretable medical diagnosis were accepted into IJCAI2022.

[February 10, 2022] Congratulations to Yongqi Li. His work on Conversational Question Answering over Text, Tables, and Images was accepted by ACL2022.

[June 10, 2021] Jian Wang and Dongding Lin 2021 won the third prizes (fourth place) in 语言与智能技术竞赛: 多技能对话任务.